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Hello, my name is RJ

Inspiration is more important than scale - The Wind Rises (2013)

Blood Basin arena matches
Match 1 winner - Coreyants
Match 2 winner - Coreyants
Match 3 winner - Swadles

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  4. kyoot said: ..@danger bitch if someone cares what a random person says about their religion on a big brother website they shouldnt even be on ..
  5. TayBear17 said:'re so weird, and I fucking hypocrite @danger you literally say the word all the time, @Druhhbby2 has screenshots and your f..
  6. TayBear17 said: had on your bio before how your chat was like the best of 2016 or some shit like you're hella gassed over weird shit LMFao ..
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  18. Icarus_Mark said: ..Not that I care for corey at all because I don't talk to him or know him (and I am glad for @s73100 and hope he's doing well),..
  19. deshonBANNEDISBACK said: ..@danger don't ever say my name and his in a sentence thanks !!!..
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