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Hello, my name is deeannamorgan - Unapologetic, badass bitch.

Im the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet

[2017-07-15, 12:53:18 AM] Richard (TotsTrashy): deeanna is so amazing anyone who DOESNT support a really powerful female the exit is right there

deeannamorgan idc if I go to jail you are the most beautiful being on and I love messaging you even though you don't want anything to do with me I can't believe you even commented on MY blog I'm so blessed I wish I could call you my girlfriend that way when I jerk off thinking about you ever single night it wouldn't be so weird ily gorgeous :$$$$$

Group Game History

Co-Host of D.C Survivor with CalebJustLeft

Liam's Survivor: The Society Islands (1/18 (6-1) Player of the Season, Best Alliance with TJ2807)
Sanctuary 1.0 (1/14) (9-0)
The Mole S1 (1/12)
Sebby's Fast Survivor S19 (1/16)
The Power Struggle: Friend vs. Foe (2/16)
Sebby's Fast Survivor S18 (2/14)
Sebby's Fast Survivor S21 (3/15)
Liam's Survivor: Arabia (3/17)
Chris2pei's Big Brother (3/12)
The Immunity Game S3 (4/20 Best Confessionals, Iconic Duo with CalebJustLeft)
M&N's Survivor 6: Taiwan (4/18)
Noah's Survivor: Wonderland (4/16)
Big Brother Unlimited 10 (5/16 Player of the Season)
Chris2pei's Survivor: Hungary (5/16)
Speed Stars S3 - Friends Over Wins (5/16)
Survivor: FBW vs. The World (6/21)
Kara's Survivor: Honduras (6/16)
Last Man Standing (7/35)
The Immunity Game S7 Countries (7/26 Host's Favourite Player Award, Player of the Season)
M&N's Survivor: The Caribbean- All Stars (8/24)
WitZ Survivor Egypt (8/18)
Kolby's Survivor: Estonia (8/15 Untapped Potential Award, Fan Favourite)
S7 Renny's Big Brother: Roll The Dice (9/18 King and Queen of slaying the favs Award with Swadles)
The Immunity Game S5 All-Stars (10/20)
Kolby's Survivor S6 All-Stars (11/20)
Noah's Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (13/20)
Survivor: Tahiti ~ The Volcanic Island (14/20)
Big Brother Unlimited 11: (All-Stars 2) Heroes VS Villains (currently playing)

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