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Hello, my name is Farrah Abraham

"I took one berry, I didn't infect the whole fucking bowl"
"Your a failure to Britain, bitch!"
"Don't push people, Sherry"
"Close your nasty ass dick leg"
"You know what Bobby, I make myself laugh because I'm a better comedian than you, bitch!"
"Is it in your crotch?"
"Don't talk to me, dirt on the floor."
"Bye, I'm more famous than you and I make more money!"
"Some weird fucks are being weird to me and acting like fucking weirdos"
"She is an alcoholic, a liar, a manipulator and a whore."
"Sorry you can't have children, you don't have a fucking vagina. Bitch"
"Dip shit number two can sit down."
"Do you want me to fling shit in your face?"
"If my fucking flip flops are not fucking fixed because of your goddamn mouth over that fucking intercom, I am going to straight up fucking kill this whole fucking house."


Blastics' 54th Annual Hunger Games - WINNER
BigBruv's The Voice - WINNER
Obscurity's Survivor: Azores 2/20 (Player of the Season)
Blastic's 56th Annual Hunger Games - 2/24
Blastic's 58th Annual Hunger Games - 2/24
RJ's The Amazing Race 3 - 2/11
Big Brother Unlimited 5: House of Horrors - 3/16 (Player of the Season)
Big Brother Unlimited 3: Coaches - 4/16 (Most Underrated)
Long Term Skype Game Season 6: 4/17
Suitman's Survivor: Vietnam - 4/16
LUPIE's Big Brother: Winter Edition - 4/16
Leli's Survivor: Comoros Island - 4/16
Link's Survivor: Marqueasas - 4/16
Sargeant's Survivor: Hawaii - 4/16
Mantyke's Big Brother 1 - 4/16
M&N's Survivor 2: Maui: 4/18 (Player of the Season)
Survivor: Viridian Forest - 5/16
Big Brother Unlimited 6: All Stars - 7/20
ProSurvivor: 5 Families - 22/30 (FLOP)
Island of Champions 2: Next Generation - 32/100



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  1. T-VIVOR Goodbye (12th)vote5th
  2. T-VIVOR TWO APPSvote5th
  3. Tribal Council #8 - Edenvote9th
  4. T-VIVOR: Individual Immunity One1st
  5. :)1st
  6. Favorite T-VIVOR Pre-Merge Quotes3rd
  7. T-VIVOR : MERGE9th
  8. T-VIVOR Goodbye (13th)2nd
  9. Tribal Council #7 - FAUNA
  10. T-VIVOR: Tribal Immunity Seven15th
  11. T-VIVOR: Goodbye (14th)4th
  12. Tribal Council #6 - FAUNA
  13. T-VIVOR: Tribal Immunity Six
  14. T-VIVOR Goodbye (15th)4th
  15. Tribal Council #5 - FAUNA
  16. T-VIVOR: Tribal Immunity Five6th
  17. T-VIVOR: Resurrection Twist and Tribe Swap10th
  18. Tribal Council #4 - Flora / Tribe Swap
  20. T-VIVOR: Tribal Immunity Four

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