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The Official 2016 Castings Key Chart

Dec 31, 2016 by Icarus_Mark
With 2016 coming to a close, many people have made their own charts, some of which I’ve seen go through the year.  Plus or neg, I don’t really care, but throughout the year, I figured that I would have a little bit of fun.  So, I’ve made my own key chart for the people I have played in Castings with during the 12 months of the year.  Pretty simple, if you managed to get a key and I was able to count it, you went on the chart.  If you didn’t get a key in my games or you did and I was never able to count it, well, that’s why there’s always a new year.  For that reason, do note that there may have been keys I missed from the key chart.  If you played on more than 1 account and I knew who you were, I combined your key count into one account.  Also, I did not include my own key count because I wanted to keep things fair.  Anyone mentioned past the first 30 will be tagged in the comments.  So, without further ado, below is my final key chart for 2016!

honeybunch1: 9
Blubbers: 8
Kaylabby: 8
callum17: 7
Octopusbubbles: 7
Sam_Hamwich: 6
Chad123: 4
BrujoMalo: 3
SamMerlotte_Brazil: 3
EllaYay: 3
Sprado91: 3
CrestOfLove: 3
TaraG: 2
Koji: 2
Teetoo: 2
MoneyShot: 2
Mevartal: 2
megzbl: 2
lefz: 2
chazza647: 2
SpiderBoom: 1*
titoburitto: 1
Sweez: 1
Carriexoxo24xo: 1
Elvira: 1
Serene: 1
Wisconsinite96: 1
skyler1822: 1
YasGaga: 1
KickAss93: 1
AntonB: 1
akuario: 1
MoneyNeil: 1
FlamingJojo: 1
Flabberjackets: 1
BurninKu5h: 1
Rafael2013Hyper: 1
* - denotes a Castings win

So, congratulations to Honeybunch!  You have won the Official 2016 Key Chart with 9 keys!  Below were all the Castings I’ve played in 2016:

If I play enough Castings in2017 and manage to keep track of everything, I will make another one for 2017, but for 2017, it will be a whole new chart.

I should off with just a little something to say.  Tengaged is a place to have fun, and for as long as I am still on Tengaged, I will continue to have my fun.  So with that said, have a happy and safe New Year!



Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 31, 2016
Lol at this blog
Sent by LittleBrother123,Dec 31, 2016
Well, like I said, LittleBrother123, I did this for fun.  I don't really care what people think of it.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 31, 2016
You never play with me! :(
Sent by TaraG,Dec 31, 2016
my key
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Dec 31, 2016
Sent by honeybunch1,Dec 31, 2016
yay me thank you Mark
Sent by honeybunch1,Dec 31, 2016
Yes me making the list !
Sent by Sweez,Dec 31, 2016
My key making the list iconic
Sent by YasGaga,Dec 31, 2016
My 1 key and asterisk.
Sent by SpiderBoom,Dec 31, 2016
Nice! Im gunna try to follow your ifea but with a different twist - a chart to keep track of how mnay keys i get in every casting i play in 2017. Although it may not he many since I'll have my hands quite full with toddler and new baby!
Sent by Octopusbubbles,Dec 31, 2016
By all means Octopusbubbles!  ^_^
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 31, 2016
yay for honeybunch1 you go girl
Sent by MoneyShot,Jan 1, 2017
I should be on that list you can ask anyone i have played with i usually grab them keys up the most i have had is 14 in a game
Sent by WpwSers196,Jan 1, 2017
Wow 3 :D
Sent by EllaYay,Jan 1, 2017
15 keys in three games but that was a couple of years ago lol
Sent by honeybunch1,Jan 1, 2017
so but yay i am still the Key Queen
Sent by honeybunch1,Jan 1, 2017
I had 18.  GET WRECKED!

But yeah, throughout the 18 games in 2016, I racked up 161 keys, so yeah, that's why I didn't wanna include my key total.  lmao
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jan 1, 2017

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