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Hello, my name is You all annoy me

The 500-something TV Star, though I don't know the exact number lmao

Bridgette77 38 min ago

I'm a chill guy.

Residing County: New Haven County, Connecticut

Skype: Ask me for my Skype. I made a new one.


1. Won a Fasting (on the 6th game)
2. Bought Yellow (after the 10th game on 11/30/2012)
3. Bought Orange (after the 22nd game on 12/21/2012)
4. Got at least 50 points on a Blog (written on 12/31/2012 and accomplished on 1/1/2013)
5. Bought L. Green (after the 27th game on 1/2/2013)
6. Bought D. Green (after the 33rd game on 1/11/2013)
7. Won an Auction for the first time (Obtained Blue Eyes for 628 T's on 1/11/2013)
8. Got a Design (on 1/11/2013)
9. Won Frookies for the 1st time (on the 37th game)
10. Bought Blue (after the 39th game on 9/28/2013)
11. Got at least 100 points on a Blog (written on 10/6/2013 and accomplished on 10/7/2013)
12. Bought Purple (after the 48th game on 10/9/2013)
13. FINALLY won a Casting for the 1st time (on the 49th game)
14. Bought Red (after the 49th game on 10/24/2013)
15. Got gifted for the first time <3 (on 10/28/2013)
16. Held a Charity (on 11/27/2013)
17. Bought Brown (after the 59th game on 11/28/2013)
18. Bought Black (right after I bought Brown on 11/28/2013)
19. Get a Top Blog (accomplished on 1/30/2014)
20. Bought Silver (after the 69th game on 2/11/2014)
21. Snap a long-standing Castings win steak (accomplised on 2/14/2014 by getting 1st place over pancakes, who won 9 consecutive games)
22. Win a Game with over 10,000 posts (accomplished on 2/28/2014, and then again 3 more times; twice in 2014 and once in 2016)
23. Get over 10 KPG (accomplised as of 3/8/2014)
24. Win 10 Castings in a row (accomplished 4/10/2014)
25. Become Ranked for the 1st time (693rd on 4/10/2014)
26. Bought Gold (after the 85th game on 4/29/2014)
27. Make Merge in Survivor (on the 86th game on 5/13/2014)
28. Bought Sky (after the 100 game on 7/9/2014)
29. Played 100 games (7/8/2014 and 7/9/2014)
30. Won a game after a long hiatus (accomplished on 1/20/2016 with Game 148331)
31. Been part of a #1 frat for the first time (The Heartbreakers on 2/2/2016)
32. Guessed all 5 of the Final 5 correctly in a non-charity Crooks (accomplished on 2/14/2016, betting 2 on each of the Final 5 in game 149533)
33. Bought Blood (after the 120th game on 2/29/2016)
34. Made it onto an All-Stars cast of Cromatic's Stars (officially made the cut 3/5/2016 after placing 4th the first time)
35. Getting a merge streak of at least 5 (accomplised 4/11/2016 with the completion of 151788)
36. Get into HoF (as Top Fashionista on 4/17/4016)
37. Broke 2000 Karma (after the 132nd game on 4/23/2016)
38. Got into Monthly Rankers (With +350 on 4/23/2016)
39. Get 10 or more keys in 5 consecutive games (finished on 4/24/4016 with games 149134, 150424, 151728, 151999, and 152252)
40 Get at least 15 keys in 1 game (finished on 4/24/4016 with 18 keys in 152252)
41. Get a 1st-place Blog (achieved on 4/30/2016)
42. Get a merge streak of at least 10 (accomplished on 5/8/2016 with the completion of 152747)
43. Become one of the Top 500 housemates (accomplished on 5/8/2016 after the 135th game, getting a rank of 496th)
44. Become one of the Top 400 housemates (accomplished on 8/14/2016 after the 146th game, getting a rank of 397th)
45. Bought TV Star FINALLY (after the 146th game on 8/29/2016)
46. Preside a fraternity (Heartbreakers 2.0 on 10/6/2016)
47. 10-0 a tribe (done on 1/20/2017)
48. Swapped tribes (went from 170114 to 170109 on 4/18/2017, the day tribe swapping began and on the 184th game) Stars Outings:
Attempt 1 - nommed 2 times
Survived nom for 9th against XoXU 67.7%
Evicted for 4th against GoodKaren 54.1%

Attempt 2 (All-Stars 1) - nommed 2 times
Survived nom for 10th against Stilts12 75.0%
Evicted for 6th against tdilindsayfan100 55.3% (He made a vlog to get saves, so I was spammed out lmao)

Attempt 3 - nommed 2 times
Survived nom for 7th against Darbe 62.9%
Evicted for 5th against PMMGuy 58.8%

Attempt 4 - nommed 3 times
Survived nom for 13th against Brashful 68.8%
Survived nom for 8th against Druhhbby2 69.2%
Survived nom for 7th against skittleshark101 60.5%
Finale - Won with 44.4% of the vote against Emmett4 (37.4%) and RedFabFoxy (18.2%)

16th - Falconbait26 (66.7% against StarySky)
15th - deathwish (62.5% against MightyGoober)
14th - StarySky (56.7% against RedFabFoxy)
13th - Brashful (68.8% against Icarus_Mark)
12th - OldNewz (60.9% against skittleshark101)
11th - Oswald19 (54.8% against Emmett4)
10th - Thirteen (54.5% against texty)
9th - MightyGoober (69.2% against RedFabFoxy)
8th - Druhhbby2 (69.2% against Icarus_Mark)
7th - skittleshark101 (60.5% against Icarus_Mark)
6th - Aidan0621 (51.9% against texty)
5th - texty (75.9% against rawr121)
4th - rawr121 (58.7% against RebFabFoxy)

~ Final 3 ~

3rd - RedFabFoxy (18.2%)
2nd - Emmett4 (37.4%)
1st - Icarus_Mark (44.4%)

# of votes: 99

The winner is ... Icarus_Mark!

The final 4 will be in my next All-Stars Stars!

First Game as White:
Final Game Finished as White:

First Game Finished as Yellow:
Final Game Finished as Yellow:

First Game Finished as Orange:
Final Game Finished as Orange:

First Game Finsihed as Light Green:
Final Game Finished as Light Green:

First Game Finished as Dark Green:
Final Game Finished as Dark Green:

First Game Finished as Blue:
Final Game Finished as Blue:

Only Game Finished as Purple:

First Game Finished as Red:
Final Game Finished as Red:

---Skipped Brown---

First Game Finished as Black:
Final Game Finished as Black:

Transitional Game From Black to Silver:

First Game Finished as Silver: (Started the game as Black)
Final Game Finished as Silver:

First Game Finished as Gold: (Went vs. as this was a Survivor)
Final Game Finished as Gold:

First Game Finished as Sky:
Final Game Finished as Sky:

Transitional Game from Sky to Blood: (It wasn't the first game I completed as a Blood Level though despite starting this game as Sky.)

First Game Finished as Blood:
Final Game Finished as Blood:

First Game Finished as TV Star:

Trips to Frookies Finals:
37th game: vs. LizardWizard913 (Won 4-3)
59th game: vs. Arik2745 (Won 6-0; My Black Level Charity)
80th game: vs. kasey2011 (Lost 7-0; her 400th Charity)
84th game: vs. amylou8251 (lost 7-0; her Birthday Charity)
100th game: vs. amylou8251 (won 7-0; My Sky Level/100th game Charity)

Karma Range for Each Level:

White = 0-29
Yellow = 29-64
Orange = 64-83
L. Green = 83-97
D. Green = 97-143
Blue = 143-190
Purple = 190-230
Red = 230-404
Brown = 404-404
Black = 404-623
Silver = 623-1029
Gold = 1029-1381
Sky = 1381-1515
Blood = 1515-2732
TV Star = 2732+

Monthly Rankers:
4/23/2016 - 5/5/2016 - +350 - +390
5/8/2016 - 5/10/2016 - +400

Auctions I have won:

Blue Eyes for 628 T's on 1/11/2013
Red Hoodie for 390T's on 9/28/2013
White Halo [Gift Giveaway] for 572 T's on 11/13/2013
Hipster Smile for 466 T$ on 1/1/2014
lion king for 833 T$ on 2/28/2014
Grrr Braces for 385 T$ on 2/24/2016 (I wasn't even trying to win this Auction lmao)
Angelmon Design for 526 T$ on 3/28/2016
Heaven or Hell Background for 1000 T$ on 4/27/2016 ((Early birthday present for me <3)
Robe for 655 T$ on 5/14/2016
Blue Eyes for 450 T$ on 7/18/2016 (Wasn't really trying to win the Auction lol)
Negan Outfit for 978 T$ on 10/21/2016
Roxas Outfit for 1100 T$ on 11/13/2016
Woody full avi for 948 T$ on 12/8/2016
Moschino for 800 T$ on 12/18/2016
Winged Warrior for 1006 T$ on 1/12/2017
Atlanta Falcons Background for 2000 T$ on 2/3/2017

Top Fashionista:
April 17th, 2016

Real Life B-Day: April 29th, 1991
Tengaged B-Day: August 14th, 2012

Things you'll never see me do on Tengaged:
Stars (too many reasons to fucking count lol)
Group Games (after Winter 2013; Sorry guys, I can't commit to these)
20-Post Castings (Sorry, but me and whatever-post games don't work well together.)
Multi Castings (No. JUST... NO!)
Games Against a Spanish premade (Again, just no. Only exception is if I am merging against them in a Survivor.)


Sign up for a Survivor game

Successful Charities I have helped:
Tailslover13's Black Level/100th game
Vindaloo's 400th? game
NegaSub's 300th game
BB7fan's ???
SupervixenXo's 200th? game
ZachTansey's Black Level
Cheritaisdelicious's ??? game
kasey2011's 400th game
SupervixenXo's Birthday
amylou8251's Birthday
silas86's ??? game
StraightLoonie's TV Star
NegaSub's 400th game
Bearcat's Brown Level
fireandice101's Light Green Level
Sam_Hamwich's 1100th game
zachboy967's Gold Level (I claimed the charity for him even <3)
africanwoman's 3 year game
SpiderBoom's Purple Level (helped claim the game for her)
Bearcat's Silver Level
YasGaga's Red Level
YasGaga's Black Level
PaulaDeen's ????
Octopusbubbles's 300th
SpiderBoom's Black Level
Abrogate's 3000 Karma
Bearcat's Blood
Yoshitomi's 8 Years
Lazeric's 15th Birthday
MoneyShot's 22nd Birthday
nenalalala's 6 Years
Lazeric's 100th
PrincessTeePee's 8 Years

Ruined Charities I was in:
firetruck421's 100th game (Evicted right after I left lmao)
2Beastly's 100th? (Power went out as I was trying to help :( He got 3rd </3)
ILoveSurvivor23's 100th (or was it Black Level?) (Charity holder was banned for 7 days when it took place)
Bearcat's 100th (I don't even KNOW what happened.)

My Survivor Merges:
114543 (PaulaDeen, joshlyn34, Koin, and Dancefloorparty joined from OT)
116034 (ticofernandez joined from OT)
116422 (FrozenShadow09 joined from OT; is the first time I've made merge a 2nd time in a row)
150956 (The tribe's Sole Survivor; first merge since June 2014)
151165 (Wade03 joined from OT)
151365 (merged alongside Thetrumpetman423, maturo, and PMMGuy; first time getting a 3rd merge in a row AND ugliest merge so far)
151579 (raonic, DumbGinger, and Sworn joined from OT)
151788 (first time getting at least 5 merges; stuartlittle16 and koolcoop joined from OT)
151995 (koolness234 joined from OT)
152164 (Carmelo joined from OT)
152374 (KrisStory joined from OT)
152576 (ak73, wumblebee, hints, and Violets joined from OT)
152747 (first 10+ merge streak!; Rebelman2227 and AlissaRose428 joined from OT)
152964 (BubbleStar joined from OT)
153140 (SashaBaby2010 joined from OT)
153335 (nachovidal joined from OT)
153567 (Philip13 joined from OT)
154448 (nandoxxx and PMMGuy joined from OT)
154722 (merged alongside dinosaurdan)
159870 (merged alongside tonyalbright and TaraG)
161344 (Bluejay762 joined from OT)
162832 (merged alongside melindaMrskk)
163832 (dannyboy67 joined from OT)
164050 (tennisman, ArizonaSun, and WiiFitTrainerx joined from OT)
166083 (First ever 10-0 merge!)
168816 (merged alongside koolness234, ManniBoi, and Vort)
168994 (Carlo_Costly and Tristar joined from OT)
170109 (BOBROCKS333 and nbkiller1 joined from OT)

Games I have been swapped:

170114 - 170109 (with kindlycruel1 and Zalarch)

Participant in the 1st ever One-Post-At-A-Time Crookies: (Placing : 2nd)

Owner of the Lucky 7's milestone blog:

Practice links: (Full version)

People who have gifted me <33:

as well as a few other people :)

Some nice things said about me:

"Mark - I'm glad that I get to know you and im happy that I got a friend in this game . You deserve finals man more than everyone in here ! =]]" - Regularise

"Mark- I didn't speak to you until the middle of the game, but I'm glad I did as I knew that we needed that swing vote so that we could make it to the end. Glad you made payouts buddy :)" - ados707

"6th - Icarus_Mark - This hurt so bad to not let you make the final five, but you were a big threat keeping me from winning, so this seemed like a fair place for you. Thank you so very much for helping me out and for being so nice to me. You were probably one of the few people in my charity who I did not know going in, but I'm GLAD I met and I can honestly say you're a fun, sweet person." - Tailslover13

"7th~ Icarus_Mark - I felt bad about you getting 7th, I really did, I would've loved to bring you to final day. To be honest this was cause of my worries. You were the only one really spamming more than me, and I thought you would have gotten POV's for days! Haha, I feel really bad about this, and you have gotten to be a really close friend as of late, hope I steal your keys later ;)" - NegaSub - donaam

"#Icarus_Mark - I am glad you are back because this site needs more genuine down to earth people like you. I can't say a bad thing about you because I am liking what I am seeing so far. Thank you for being so nice and keep on doing you!" - CutieAmy

Badass Quotes:


"Yeah a key would be great, cant win a castings against mark unless you wanna fucking pull all nighters for a week straight." - StraightLoonie aka "JustinGoddess" <3

"Icarus_Mark - "He looks gay" anything else? "No, not really."" - someone's niece

"Vicky../Teetoo:A wild megan appears.[7:12 PM]

Megan: It is paralysed by vicky's pussy attack[7:12 PM]" - Teetoo and megzbl

"" - 2Beastly in just this whole blog

"good luck to everyone who doesnt wait till everyone else is sleeping, and then go 1




5" - TaraG

"Icarus_Mark I love serving Lobster with cream sauce with some beautiful herbed-potatoes. So make sure you finish it, or i'll snap you like i did with that lobster of yours!" - m7md26

"k4r4k 1 hour 36 min ago
That's queen asshole to you!" - k4r4k

Friends Lost Too Soon:
silas86 - welcomed into Heaven on 4/28/2016 :(

Longest Streaks:

Finalist: 5 games [83503 - 104649; Ended with a 4th in 114922]
Win: 3 games [83503 - 102204; Ended with a 3rd in 104340]

Slow Castings Streaks:
Unnomed: 45 games [from 102936 - Present]
Win: 19 [from 151999 - Present]

Frookies Streaks:
Jury or Better: 14 games [78751 - 106154; Ended with a 10th in 109207]
Payouts: 5 games [101991 - 106154; Ended with a 10th in 109207]

Crookies Streaks:
Payouts: 20 games [149260 - Present]
Final Day: 15 games [149260 - 162542; Ended with a 9th in 163387]

Top Merges: 14 [from 150956 - 153567; Ended with a 14th in 153721]

Notable Games and how they were memorable:
67959 (First game on Tengaged)
77420 (First time I've tried in a Castings)
77450 (First win overall)
77971 (got 3 keys in the game and still only got 8th)
78693 (First game I've won WITHOUT a premade)
78751 (First Frookies)
101006 (The game that got REALLY got me into Tengaged)
101220 (First Frookies win)
102936 (First Castings win)
104189 (The game where I began to find the people I belong with)
105267 (First time hosting a charity)
105865 (First super active game)
109121 (First game I collected more than 6 keys by collecting 9)
109207 (First time I did NOT make jury in a Frookies)
109608 (First time I FINALLY joined a Survivor)
109714 (First Crookies Charity)
110714 (First game I've been in to end with 10,000+ posts with 10156 posts)
111415 (Most posts in any game I've ever been in with 12174 posts lol)
111767 (fewest deaths of any Castings I've ever been in with only 3; last game with over 5000 posts in any game I've been in for over 2 years that wasn't a Hunger by ending with 10722 posts)
112160 (first game I ended with 10+ keys by getting 11)
112800 (the game that clenched my first 10+ win streak)
114543 (First merge)
114922 (First Fastings in many games)
114924 (First Hunger)
116422 (First time getting my money back in Survivor)
116559 (Last Castings of 2014 I've been in)
116729 (Final time I was at 100 health until 2016)
118417 (100th game)
120473 (Final game in 2014; did not play again until 2016)
148171 (First game since 2014)
148331 (First Castings since June 2014 I've joined; most deaths of any Castings I've been in with 12; only game in the 17-win Castings streak to not break 2000 posts)
150546 (First time getting 10-0'ed)
150956 (First merge in almost 2 years AND first time I merged alone)
151728 (the end of my 17-Castings win streak)
151788 (First 5+ merge streak)
152252 (game with the keys collected with 18)
152747 (First 10+ merge streak)
153054 (Most inactive Castings I've ever won, ending with just 1116 posts)
153721 (The end of my 14-merge streak)
153727 (Final Castings before leaving for my brother's graduation)
154390 (Final Castings before another long break from them)
154636 (Furthest I've ever gotten in Hunger with 5th)
157467 (First time since 2014 hosting a charity; 4-year game)
158798 (First game finished after buying TV Star)
160899 (First Castings as a Frat President; 2nd time earning a 10+ win streak; a Heartbreakers revival Casting)
163528 (50th Castings played)
164869 (Castings to celebrate Silas)
166083 (First ever 10-0 merge)
170109 & 170114 (First time swapping tribes [from 170114 to 170109])

When my 17-win streak all ended:

150546 (Lost vs. 150539 aka "The Cheater Tribe")
159651 (Lost vs. 159657)
166083 (Won vs. 166082)
169199 (Won vs. 169209)

THG Results:
#114924: 27th - Icarus_Mark was killed in a fight with Qwertyioup
#149603: 11th - Icarus_Mark was killed in a fight with JBC8
#152785: 13th - Yeah... Let's not even talk about this one lmfao
#154636: 5th

People I have sponsored:
Kaylabby (x2)

Highest Rank: 268th
Current Rank: 275th

My Games 188 games played

Day 9
25 Apr, 17
25 Apr, 17
25 Apr, 17
24 Apr, 17
23 Apr, 17
18 Apr, 17
11 Apr, 17

 My Blog Check my blog!

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