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My Lies

Dec 31, 2016 by Icarus_Mark
1. I had to be carried on my mother's back on a trip to Washington DC because my legs hurt - This happened on the 1st day I went there.
2. I was on the track team at least once - I was on the track team my 6th grade year.  I tried to get back on, but was never able to.
>lie 3. I have been to Miami - Furthest south I have ever been was Sarasota County, FL
4. One time in high school, I got a huge gash on my forehead from running into a doorframe. - It happened in 2008, I think?
>lie 5. I've gone swimming on the shore of an ocean - I have only been on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, which isn't officially an ocean, so I do not count it as one.
6. I have had a trip to a casino for my birthday before I turned 21 - I went for my 20th
7. I have tried moonshine - I tried every kind there was in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
8. I've jumped down 15ft. - There is an attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee I went to that featured a bungee drop.  I jumped from the bungee.
9. I have played tag football in a graveyard. - I was literally raised in the backyard of a cemetary  lol
10. I've flown out of a school bus while trying to carry a sleeping bag. - It happened Freshmen Year of high school when I did JROTC
11. I was a number for Halloween as a kid - I was the number 8 in kindergarten
>lie 12. I have gotten over 150 points in bowling - This has never happened.  I suck at bowling  lmfao
13. I have flown to a different continent. - I was born in Germany and visited England for 2 weeks back in 2004.

3   5   12  were the lies

Thanks for playing:


why did you jump down 15 feet?!
Sent by TaraG,Dec 31, 2016
OH NEVER mind, I see you put answers!
Sent by TaraG,Dec 31, 2016

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