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ur my best friend on this site, and i loveeee u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh <333 we've known each other for well over a year now and i trust u w/ my life as i hope u trust me w/ urs :) ur HILARIOUS...yet a skank xx LOL i respect the shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt outta ur ass :P and i swear to god if we never meet up imma get mel to kick ur ASS :D LOLOLOL i love how vile we are to each other, just like brothers, i really honestly see u as my tengaged brother, i can share ANYTHING w/ u and not feel shy. ur someone that can make my day 100% better just looking at ur name :D if we ever make survivor together irl we would kick ass obvvvv :P ur such an amazing guy and its been nice to know u for this year and a half so far <3333 luv u :P -zach

#vh1luvr15- You. Are. Amazing. For you to come out, not only on tengaged, but also irl is amazing. You are SOOOOO strong and brave, that is something that i don't think i'd ever be able to do if i was gay honestly. but you did it! and that reminds me why you're one of my best friends! In our first game i remember you being hilarious yet a great strategist xx we thought we were the head of the site back then LMFAO we were such noobs, but we were noobs together! we kind of grew up together and i will always think of you as my brother, and i will do what a brother does, and that is always love and respect his other brother. It's crazy how close we became on this site! And Tony, you probably said the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to me on this site, and i will never forget that...when you told me you would choose to bring me onto survivor if you made it that far in the season to bring a family member/friend onto survivor to compete in a challenge because i can't join survivor cuz i have diabetes, i almost teared up it meant so much to me that you cared that much about me. anyways i love you slut < 3

Tony- OMGAHHH I love you so much. We've been through SOOO much. Like, we hated each other, and now we are so close! You are so nice, and I truly love you :). Thanks for being here for me and I hope you know id do anything for you babe :). -Houston

Tony- My amazing clothed friend, I love you so much and you really are a genuine guy who has a heart of gold and only wants to help people out. You know I love ya <3 - kyle

lol *cough cough* "whore"-you
"omg emily u sounds like sam from icarly and u look like her too"-you
no lol i remember when i met u asshole lol, u sent me hate mail calling me a trailer trash bitch and saying i was ruining zachs live and should go back to the trailer:S omg lol it was rude lol. But its weird because we did a complete 180. I dont even remember how or when but we did:P We became amazing friends, i mean we have each others cells and stuff like ur one of the people on here i can call a real friend. An irl friend. Someone i would let into my life irl:P Your nice and awesome, kinda a selfish whore:P lol but i love you for being yourself:D Ur rlly ded funny too:D Anywyas im glad u and nathan are together, u two are the perfect couple, and im so happy for both of u:D I love u soo much ur a bff:P TYSM im ecstatic i got to meet u:D have a great day:D -emily

vh1luvr15 - As tempted as i am to start this off with your full name, i'm not going to :P You are by far the most amazing person i have met on this website. I honestly don't know what i'd do without you. You mean the world to me. You're one of the funniest people i've ever met, and you have the best laugh in the world. It can always make me smile. You've been there for me through so much, and i hope we stay friends for a really long time. Because i don't want to lose what we have. As much as i try, i can't shake the feeling that i should hold on to what i want to happen for just a little bit longer. But no matter what, you will always be my best friend. I love you so much tony. <3 -ashley

Tony- well we used to be really close and we lost contact, we never text anymore, but in stars we got a little close, i really like to believe u didnt nom me, but if u did its alright theres always still a part of u in my heart <3 -BB5lover

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